We are an evergreen investment firm

“We assign and grow capital and knowledge with a longstanding value approach to optimize their respective compounding returns".

”We focus on high impact investment projects that will leave a positive footprint in our planet and community".

We strongly believe that we can do great by doing good.

Value with values

Value with values

Value with values

Value with values

Evergreen Investments

We invest in public companies to make the most of the opportunities available to patient-opportunist investors.

We look for high-potential private companies with a clear path to consistent profitability, honorable and high-standards professional teams that add and receive value from integrating to Acacia.

Real Estate for potential abiding, environmental and socially positive-impact, projects.

We partner with entrepreneurs and companies to systematize and consistently measure their strategic and financial decisions. We focus on business that can benefit from a niche-scalable advantage and a high growth market.


Acacia Evergreen III (Independent Intelligent Investments) Asset Owners investment services.

We help AO to replicate our decade-proof systematic investment decision-making process designed for our different approaches: passive, quasi-active and active positions.

This includes a cooperative thesis development to find value through our methodical and systematized investment process that covers from a consistent top-down and risk assessment to a scuttlebutt knowledge of every asset subject of investment and build-to-suit (BTS) portfolio management.